Metodologías para el aprendizaje a distancia en educación universitaria: experiencias y resultados en la docencia de contabilidad

Alicia Mateos-Ronco
2022 In-Red 2022 - VIII Congreso Nacional de Innovación Educativa y Docencia en Red   unpublished
Global health crisis has drastically changed teaching-learning processes at all educational levels. In the Spanish educational system this has meant a shift from face-to-face to remote learning. In the light of this situation, the learning process needs to develop new activities and roles for students and teachers. Both must acquire new skills that affect concepts and attitudes about the teaching and learning processes, within the framework of traditional training projects. Remote learning
more » ... es collaborative work between students and teachers. Teachers need to choose the best methods to achieve the learning objectives, in the framework of the relevant academic profile and characteristics of skills training. In addition, they must take into account the structural and organisational conditions required to perform these activities (remote learning, the use of new technologies, etc.).This paper describes the author's experience in designing learning methodologies to teach a social science subject, Accounting, on the Business Administration degree at Universitad Politècnica de València, in a lockdown context. First, we describe the methodology designed to adapt the course from face-to-face teaching to online classes. Then, we analyse the main challenges and difficulties that arose. Finally, we present the assessment results and the conclusions obtained from comparing them to outcomes from previous academic years.
doi:10.4995/inred2022.2022.15926 fatcat:pxz75wjheff7tb7xipl2waflji