O.I. Kiselova, R.V. Kokhtenko
2019 Legal horizons  
The article defines a definition of the family – law contract, its purpose, and analyzes the peculiarities of contractual regulation of family disputes. In the consideration of the premises of the current family- law of Ukraine, the article deals with the peculiarities of the construction of the family-legal contract, namely. Classification of the family –law contracts, which can be concluded between individuals – subjects of family legal relations based on the provisions of the norms of the
more » ... ily Code of Ukraine. It is determined that the family-legal agreement is a private-law act, which is concluded with the aim of regulating family relations between family members. Such a private legal action is based on the provisions of equality of the parties, their free expression of will, and property independence. It was found out that the subjects who can enter into family-legal contracts are exclusively individuals who are endowed with a characteristic such as family or marital status. The content of the family law contract may be both property and non-property family rights and obligations. It was investigated that family law treaties play an extremely important role in settling family disputes and are an alternative to solving such disputes in court. The value of family law contracts in settling family disputes is that they regulate property and non-property relationships between individuals – subjects of family relationships, according to their will, taking into account their personal views on family relationships. The ways of solving problems that hinder the conclusion of contracts by the participants of family legal relations with the aim of settling family disputes are offered. Keywords: legal structure, family-law contract, construction of the contract, subjects of the contract, the content of the contract, terms of the contract, the form of contract, the purpose of the contract, types of contracts.
doi:10.21272/legalhorizons.2019.i17.p:49 fatcat:vorolbr6cfg23elefifmdipoye