Kinetic Model of Crude Palm Oil Hydrocracking Over Ni/Mo ZrO2-Pillared Bentonite Catalyst

Hasanudin Hasanudin, Addy Rachmat, Muhammad Said, Karna Wijaya
2019 Periodica Polytechnica: Chemical Engineering  
Crude Palm Oil hydrocrcaking has been carried out over Ni/Mo ZrO2-pillared bentonite catalyst in a fixed bed reactor. Crude Palm Oil hydrocracking over Ni/Mo ZrO2-pillared bentonite catalyst formed 3 products i.e. gas, oil and coke. The oil product from Crude Palm Oil hydrocracking was analyzed by using gas chromatography to determine its composition. Three types of fraction were classified i.e. gasoline, kerosene and diesel oil. In this research, the focused of the study is of hydrocracking
more » ... etics by using lump kinetic models. The kinetic model was solved by using the software MATLAB R2018b involves the effect of catalyst activity on the reaction rate. The results of the kinetic study show that the 4-lump (Crude Palm Oil, gas coke and oil) and 6-lump reaction models (Crude Palm Oil, gas, coke, gasoline, kerosene and diesel) can be used to explain the Crude Palm Oil hydrocracking over Ni/Mo ZrO2-pillared bentonite catalyst. The 4-lump kinetic model has 5 rate constants and the 6-lump kinetic model has 14 rate constants.
doi:10.3311/ppch.14765 fatcat:4nlqjaviwrgwzbnijcbvqnfu34