A housing policy for single parent families : a proposal for Greater Vancouver

Sandra Kanaar
In 1981 there were 35,990 single parent families in the Greater Vancouver Regional District; 83.7% of these were headed by females. This study was undertaken to determine the nature and magnitude of the problems facing single parent families, and to offer recommendations which would alleviate these problems. Housing is the focal point of the study because where and how one lives influences one's economic and social opportunities, sense of identity, and mental and physical health. The concept of
more » ... lth. The concept of access was selected as a framework through which housing for single parent families could be viewed. Access is defined in Chapter II as the ability to reach other persons, activities, resources, information, or places. Chapters III and IV provide a close examination of the single parent's limitations to access which stem from personal circumstances and the environment of the GVRD. An analysis of the residential location of single parent families in the decade from 1971 to 1981 is conducted in Chapter V to see if residential patterns existed and if demographic trends were occurring. Chapter VI examines whether current government housing policies aid single parent families. Municipal, provincial, and federal government housing strategies to help single parent families overcome their limitations are recommended. Information was gathered in a number of ways. Studies and reports from Canada, England, and the United States were examined to develop the complete picture of single parent families. Local information was obtained from census data, newspapers, and reports by agencies and government departments. Personal contact was made with a wide,range of professional persons and agencies connected with single parents. Finally, single mothers in the GVRD were contacted through the YWCA sponsored Single Mothers' Action Committee. Many of their views, statements and objectives are included in this report. It was found that single parents in the GVRD have serious housing problems. Personal limitations which contribute to these prob [...]
doi:10.14288/1.0096346 fatcat:mq7mfytobfhadlbiffq6ztosom