Inhibition of Wind-Compressed Disk Inhibition in Optically Thick Winds

K. G. Gayley
2004 Symposium - International astronomical union  
There are three important effects in optically thin line-driven winds that have been shown to inhibit the equatorial compression inherent in the wind-compressed disk model:1)gravity darkening, whichconcentratesthe driving flux over the poles,2)stellar oblateness, whichrotates the fluxvectors poleward, and3)nonisotropic opacity, whichrotates the forcevectors poleward.The first two of these effects tend to yield fairly spherical winds, while the last one actually reverses the wind compression and
more » ... should generate prolate winds. This poster argues that this third mechanism is not present for multiline scattering in Wolf-Rayet winds. Hence, it is argued that rotating optically thick line-driven winds should have a more spherical UV photosphere, especially for CAK α ≅ 2/3. However, owing to flux migration from polar to equatorial regions, such winds should have an evenmoreprolateopticalphotosphere.
doi:10.1017/s0074180900196147 fatcat:4zsqtwlaqrdypequkyed73ksra