Assessment of Heavy Metals in Borkena River in South Wollo Ethiopia

Alemu Mengesha, Omprakash Sahu
2015 Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques   unpublished
Trace elements concentration in Borkena River was investigated, as they can deteriorate water quality. Levels of Lead (Pb) and Cadmium (Cd) in river water and industrial effluents taken from 3 industries found in Kombolcha were determined by differential pulse anodic striping voltammetry. The river water down the site, where effluents join, had significantly higher concentration of Pb and Cd than did the water above the drainage system. The concentration of Pb and Cd in river water down the
more » ... where effluents join were found to be above the permissible limit values of WHO and FAO. The highest contributor was KOSPI: BGI and Textile was the second and third interns of Pb content. The water supply for domestic purpose and irrigation from the river down the site where the drainage system joins were note safe.