The effect of nano-SiO2 on concrete properties: a review

Chenglong Zhuang, Yu Chen
2019 Nanotechnology Reviews  
In recent years, the addition of nanometer materials to concrete materials has attracted a group of increasing number of scholars' research interests, and nano-SiO2 is one of the research hotspots. In this paper, we briefly introduce the influence of nano-SiO2 on setting time, slump, shrinkage, durability and mechanical properties of concrete. In addition, this review also includes the microstructure measured by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and the content of various hydration products
more » ... ained by X-ray diffraction (XRD). The result shows that the setting time of nano-SiO2 concrete is shortened, the slump is reduced and the shrinkage is improved owing to the high activity and nucleation of nano-SiO2. The improvement effect of nano-SiO2 on concrete is remarkable, especially in the aspect of enhancing the durability of concrete. It should be noted that nano-SiO2 shows limited improvement in the mechanical properties of concrete. In the end, this literature summary explains the macro performance of nano-silica modified concrete through microstructure.
doi:10.1515/ntrev-2019-0050 fatcat:3ndh7f6jyral5hcv4wssp7xiu4