RMPCDMD: Simulations of Colloids with Coarse-grained Hydrodynamics, Chemical Reactions and External Fields

Pierre de Buyl, Mu-Jie Huang, Laurens Deprez
2017 Journal of Open Research Software  
The RMPCDMD software package performs hybrid Molecular Dynamics simulations, coupling Multiparticle Collision Dynamics to model the solvent and Molecular Dynamics to model suspended colloids, including hydrodynamics, thermal fluctuations, and chemically active solvent particles and catalytic colloids. The main usage of RMPCDMD is the simulation of chemically powered nanomotors, but other setups are considered: colloids in the presence of a thermal gradients or forced flows. RMPCDMD is developed
more » ... in Fortran 2008 with OpenMP for multithreaded operation and uses the HDF5-based H5MD file format for storing data. RMPCDMD comes with documentation and a tutorial for the simulation of chemically powered nanomotors.
doi:10.5334/jors.142 fatcat:embvxyr7cnfahbfawr3bvuxsi4