Concordance studies of a web based system in teledermatology

Carlos Ruiz, Claudia Gaviria, Miguel Gaitán, Rubén Manrique, Ángela Zuluaga, Andrés Trujillo
2009 unpublished
Implementation of teledermatology in primary care offers the possibility of treating patients using specific dermatologic knowledge in far away places with infrequent availability to these services. It is a priority to implement teledermatology services which demonstrate diagnostic reliability and satisfaction among users. Objectives and methods: To measure the diagnostic reliability of an asynchronous teledermatology web based application by means of intraobserver and interobserver concordance
more » ... bserver concordance during teleconsultation and traditional presential («face to face») consultation. Furthermore, to evaluate user satisfaction regarding the teleconsultation and the web application. Results: A sample of 82 patients with 172 dermatologic diagnoses was obtained, in which an intraobserver concordance between 80.8% and 86.6%, and an interobserver concordance between 77.3% and 79.6% were found. Satisfaction was evaluated to be on an average of 92.5%. Conclusions: The teleconsultation reliability in teledermatology is evidenced to be high, and is susceptible of improvement through the implementation of health information standards and digital dermatologic photography protocols.