Miscellaneous back pages, Bull. Amer. Math. Soc., Volume 71, Number 4 (1965)

1965 Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society  
Intended for courses on Modern Algebra or Abstract Algebra for upper division undergraduates and first year graduates. Text emphasizes materials applied to other branches of mathematics, such as algebraic topology and homological algebra, and gives a more extensive coverage of Abelian groups than the existing books of this level. It also presents a condensed theory of rings, integral domains, and fields, and an elementary presentation of multilinear algebra. $8.95 Elements off General Topology
more » ... y Sze-Tsen Hu, University of California, Los Angeles An introductory first course on general topology for advanced undergraduates and graduates in mathematics. The first three chapters emphasize basic concepts, fundamental properties, and important constructions; the last three chapters are devoted to specific topological topics, which either have not yet appeared in book form or appear only in advanced treatises. $8.75 Numbers and Ideals by Abraham Robinson, University of California, Los Angeles Bridges the gap between abstract methods and concrete application in Modern Algebra and Algebraic Number Theory. Provides an introduction to some basic notions of Algebra and Number Theory, such as rings, fields, and ideals, all grouped around the theory of algebraic integers in quadratic fields. $5.95 (cloth) $3.95 (paper) for the catalog, write to: HOLDEN-DAY INC., This journal is devoted entirely to research in pure and applied mathematics and is devoted principally to the publication of original papers of moderate leneth. A department called Shorter Notes was established for the purpose of publishing very short papers of an unusually elegant and polished character, for which there is normally no other outlet. Papers in algebra and number theory should be sent to ALEX ROSENBERG, in abstract analysis to either R. C. BUCK or ALEX ROSENBERG; in geometry and topology to ELDON DYER, Department of Mathematics, Rice University, Houston 1, Texas; in real and complex analysis to M. H. HEINS,
doi:10.1090/s0002-9904-1965-11397-0 fatcat:23yrt5ypl5h4hj6ir6am3hvo7q