Study the effect of cumin and garlic powders on the blood picture, production performance and liver function in turkey

Mohammed Aboktifa
Kufa Journal For Veterinary Medical Sciences   unpublished
This experiment was conducted to study effect of addition of garlic powder and cumin powder on blood picture and liver enzymes function in turkey, the experimental group randomly divided in to three groups as following: group one control the second and third group was given garlic powder and cumin powder respectively then, these groups were given garlic and cumin for aged 32 days in the drinking water at dose (2 g /5 liters). Blood samples were taken from each group at day 52, 72 respectively.
more » ... he results showed significant increased at p < 0.05 for parameters of hematological analysis. There were significant (p> 0.05) differences between garlic and cumin groups with control to blood plasma GOT and GPT. There were significant increase in body weight at (p> 0.05).