Axion like particles and the inverse seesaw mechanism

C. D. R. Carvajal, A. G. Dias, C. C. Nishi, B. L. Sánchez-Vega
2015 Journal of High Energy Physics  
Light pseudoscalars known as axion like particles (ALPs) may be behind physical phenomena like the Universe transparency to ultra-energetic photons, the soft $\gamma$-ray excess from the Coma cluster, and the 3.5 keV line. We explore the connection of these particles with the inverse seesaw (ISS) mechanism for neutrino mass generation. We propose a very restrictive setting where the scalar field hosting the ALP is also responsible for generating the ISS mass scales through its vacuum
more » ... s vacuum expectation value on gravity induced nonrenormalizable operators. A discrete gauge symmetry protects the theory from the appearance of overly strong gravitational effects and discrete anomaly cancellation imposes strong constraints on the order of the group. The anomalous U$(1)$ symmetry leading to the ALP is an extended lepton number and the protective discrete symmetry can be always chosen as a subgroup of a combination of the lepton number and the baryon number.
doi:10.1007/jhep05(2015)069 fatcat:hdo46reovzffbgqciy2vxhigvi