Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Javed Khan, Imran Khan, Irshad Ali, Ahmed, Ghulam Khan, Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Khan
2017 J. P. Sci   unpublished
In most epithelia, desmosomes are important adhesion structures which have a key role in linking the intermediate filament network of one cell to its neighbor, thus forming a strong bond. These junctions are essential for retaining the integrity of organs, subject to mechanical stress, particularly the heart and skin. Desmogleins and desmocollins belong to super family of cadherin, which mediate adhesion at desmosomes. Through a series of protein interactions, desmosomal cadherin tails get
more » ... erin tails get associated with Cytoplasmic components of the desmosome, the sites of desmosome assemblage are employed with intermediate filaments. There are four types of desmogleins (Dsg1, Dsg2, Dsg3 and Dsg4) and three types of desmocollins (Dsc 1, Dsc 2, and Dsc 3). These types of desmosomal cadherins are involved in various defects. This review outlines the structure, function and associated diseases of cadherin superfamily. I believe that this review will assist researchers to enhance their basic knowledge regarding desmogleins, desmocollins and their major associated diseases.