Fault-Tolerant Control System Implementation Based on Parameter Analysis

2016 Studies in Informatics and Control  
As new technologies emerge, existing process control systems are characterized by a great amount of data coming from the measured variables. Analysis of this data can help identify nominal operating conditions, as well as any existing correlations between process parameters. This can be exploited as a functional redundancy in the plant operation. Based on this assumption, new fault analysis and control system reconfiguration modules can be added to the control logic application, improving
more » ... on, improving process safety and performance with minimum implications on the nominal process control application. This paper presents a feasible, easy to implement solution for increasing performance of a water control application by using a fault-tolerant control strategy on top of nominal control strategy. This solution uses statistical methods for fault detection and diagnosis, and the sample correlation coefficient for computing the expected value of a faulty sensor. Also, a solution for implementing an alternative actuator control in case of an actuator fault is presented.
doi:10.24846/v25i2y201610 fatcat:6lhxj5kftzan3hk5egqnxeg2m4