Methodology of evaluating the hazard level in intersections of rural roads [article]

Vasileios Matragkos, National Technological University Of Athens, National Technological University Of Athens
The objective of this diploma thesis is the research of an effective method, which will allow the Designer to evaluate, rank and classify the Intersections of a road network with main criterion the road safety. In order to implement this method, we investigated the Bibliography in order to find the most accurate surveys concerning Intersections and to collect the theoretical data considered useful for the implementation of the method. Then an attempt was made with success to mathematize the
more » ... od and create a suitable software application that has the ability to evaluate Intersections by extracting a score indicating how safe or dangerous they are. The basic advantages of this method are its speed and flexibility, since with little and no hard to collect data, the user will be able to make conclusions about the safety of an Intersection. Also, with this method, an attempt was made to create a unit of measure for the safety of Intersections and to separate the safety intervals. The main disadvantage of the method is accuracy, since no mathematical and numerical method can be compared with the human factor. In order to make safer conclusions, further research is required, mainly by introducing the human factor.
doi:10.26240/heal.ntua.15776 fatcat:rmugcf4irvhfrlhglplpeqmls4