Пирожак Є.К.
2019 Zenodo  
The modern approaches to the management of the enterprises of enterprises are considered, the proposals for improvement of the process of management development of the personnel and increase of the efficiency of its use are worked out and substantiated. The labor potential of the enterprise is characterized as an integral assessment of the quantitative and qualitative characteristics, abilities and capabilities of the economically active population, which are realized within and under the
more » ... and under the influence of the system of socio-economic relations. It depends on demographic, vocational qualification, socio-economic factors and consists of many components: health, education, morality, motivation and ability to work in a team, creative potential, activity, organization, professionalism, resources of working time. Evaluate the performance of management staff can be in two directions: the evaluation of the effectiveness of the work of the manager himself and the work of the structural unit, which he manages. The system for evaluating management personnel should be based on clear principles, in particular reliability, objectivity, efficiency and openness (evaluation results should be made available to those evaluated). Characterized factors influencing the formation of managerial potential, and stages of its evaluation, as well as groups of criteria of personality and professional characteristics of managers. It is recommended to introduce such a system of personnel assessment that allows to determine the clear link between the results of labor and its payment, personal and professional characteristics of employees and the strategic objectives of the enterprise
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3376895 fatcat:yn5tc64zrze2vdtbhapunkdc4y