Determinants of care giving burden in parents of child with cancer at Tabriz children medical and training center

Valizadeh, Joonbakhsh, Pashaee
2014 Journal of Clinical Nursing and Midwifery Original   unpublished
and aims: Child Cancer has several effects on all family members. Caring of children facing chronic diseases like cancer, can imposes large burden on the parents. This article reviews and compares care giving burden of parents who have a child with cancer. Methods: In this descriptive study, a total of 150 families, all eligible participated in this research. Samples were taken using convenience sampling method from patients who admitted at Tabriz children medical and training centre and their
more » ... g centre and their families. Child and parents completed Care of My Child with Cancer questionnaires. Results: Total care giving burden of parents was higher than average. Mothers' care giving burden in physical and caring domains was more than fathers, and father's care giving burden was more than mothers in emotional aspect. Parents travelling domain of care giving burden was not significantly different (P>0.05). Conclusion: The findings emphasized on the impact of child cancer on families. Mother can be informed about the disease, treatment, when nurses care of the patient. So, it can reduce the amount of care burden. Father's emotionally supportive interventions can also reduce the burden of care on them.