Estimating and Reducing Uncertainty in Reverberation-Chamber Characterization at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies

Damir Senic, Kate A. Remley, Chih-Ming Jack Wang, Dylan F. Williams, Christopher L. Holloway, Diogo C. Ribeiro, Ansgar T. Kirk
2016 IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation  
This contribution provides techniques for accurately characterizing uncertainty when measuring total radiated power (TRP) at millimeter-wave frequencies. The setup is based on the reverberation chamber as a well-known measurement environment capable of performing TRP measurements of wireless devices. We show that by applying various stirring techniques, we can reduce the random component of measurement uncertainty to around 2%. We use a model for estimating the uncertainty for TRP measurements
more » ... r TRP measurements based on the K factor, which is compared with uncertainties calculated from relative power measurements and we show excellent agreement. We perform a significance test to confirm that the uncertainty due to the limited number of mode-stirred samples dominates over the uncertainty due to the lack of spatial uniformity. The observed uncertainty is also compared with an ideal chamber situation and shows good agreement. Index Terms-Measurement uncertainty, millimeter wave, reverberation chamber (RC), total radiated power (TRP), wireless systems.
doi:10.1109/tap.2016.2556711 fatcat:5pwkiik4xzezdcbhncqogttbdy