Two-Level Atom with Squeezed Light from Optical Parametric Oscillators

T. Abebe, N. Gemechu
2018 Ukrainian Journal of Physics  
The dynamics of a coherently driven two-level atom with parametric amplifier and coupled to a vacuum reservoir is analyzed. The combination of the master equation and the quantum Langevin equation is presented to study the quantum properties of light. By using these equations, we have determined the time evolution of the expectation values of the cavity mode and atomic operators. Moreover, with the aid of these results, the correlation properties of noise operators, and the large-time
more » ... arge-time approximation scheme, we calculate the mean photon number, power spectrum, second-order correlation function, and quadrature variances for the cavity-mode light and fluorescence. It is found that the half-width of the power spectrum for the fluorescent light in the presence of a parametric amplifier increases, while it decreases for the cavity-mode light. Moreover, we have found the probability for the atom to be in the upper level in the presence of a parametric amplifier.
doi:10.15407/ujpe63.7.600 fatcat:srj6nnpkhveofg6trauxaapxyq