A case study on the outbreak of paederus dermatitis caused by rove beetles (coleoptera: Staphylinidae) in women´s hostels of eastern university, Sri Lanka

M. Vinobaba, N. Kanesharatnam, N. Thamilvannan
2020 Journal of Science  
Disreputable outbreaks of Paederus dermatitis (PD) has been predominant in women´s hostels of Eastern University and its surroundings. This study was undertaken with the objectives of recommending precautions and treatment for students and local residents around the university from 2015-2019. Sampling was done by light traps and hand collection. Photographs of beetles and skin lesions were taken. Hostel surrounding was inspected to find out the breeding sites of beetles. Case review among
more » ... review among affected students and staffs was carried out through face to face interview. Approximately, 145 students were principally affected on the exposed body parts of which 95 % of students developed specific symptoms including erythema, edematous plaques with vesicles, micropustules and about 5 % of students reported no specific symptoms. PD was more prevalent during rainy seasons than drought months. The students in women´s hostels were more frequently affected than in men's hostels. Population dynamics, seasonal variations, life history and behavior pattern of rove beetles should be thoroughly investigated prior to their control.
doi:10.4038/jsc.v11i1.23 fatcat:acg55mrmw5attordeiz6zygiiu