Discussion and Measurement of Soil Erosion in Iceland

Kimberly Jane Richardson
Soil erosion has occurred since the beginning of time. It is a natural process, but one that has been increasing at an alarming rate. Once soil is eroded--whether it is blown out to sea or washed down a river to sedimentize a lake--it is lost. It is almost impossible to reestablish similar soil components and characteristics in a given system. Since soil and vegetation reestablishment is expensive, the prevention of soil erosion by controlling its causes has become the most cost-effective
more » ... ation effort. After spending six months in Iceland, I wrote this paper on the unique erosion problems facing that country. It is based on my observations, conversations, experiences, and studies while working and studying with Icelandic people.
doi:10.26076/4798-68c8 fatcat:wa4se76ud5cvphydl52whot44m