Твердые растворы In-=SUB=-x-=/SUB=-Al-=SUB=-1-x-=/SUB=-N: проблемы стабильности состава

В.Н. Брудный, М.Д. Вилисова, Л.Э. Великовский
2019 Журнал технической физики  
Abstract. The phase diagrams and growth conditions of InxAl1-xN solid solutions by magnetron sputtering, molecular beam and gas-phase epitaxy from organometallic compounds are analyzed. Mutual equilibrium solubility in a wide range of compositions of thick layers of this solution is close to zero. Moreover, the presence of elastic misfit stresses for thin InxAl1-xN films narrows the unstable mixing region. Optimization of the growing conditions makes it possible to obtain the homogeneous
more » ... homogeneous high-quality InxAl1-xN layers suitable for the production of a barrier layer in an InAlN/GaN HEMT.
doi:10.21883/ftp.2019.12.48636.9239 fatcat:vr5q4t7cdvaylgevu6qzstmum4