Solid-liquid extraction of oils of African elemi's (Canarium schweinfurthii's) fruit

A Olawale
African elemi (Canarium schweinfurthii) contains oil in its fruit's pulp and kernel. Solvent extraction of these oils using n-hexane was investigated in this work to obtain some process parameters. This was done at different temperatures (30℃-55℃) over a period of time (30-240 min) with varying solvent to feed (solid) mass ratios. Oil yield and extraction efficiency were observed to increase with time, temperature and materials ratio but in different fashions. The kinetics of the oils'
more » ... the oils' extraction was found to be adequately described by Peleg equation and a variant of it. At 30℃, kernel oil recorded the highest saturated extraction yield (C s) with 7.5 g solvent/g solid while no peak was observed for pulp oil extraction using 1 to 10 g solvent/g solid. Kernel oil gave the highest saturated (maximum) yield (45.93 g/100 g solid) but pulp oil gave the highest initial extraction rate (B o =3.5868 g/L.min) and fastest time constant (τ o =9.84 min). Free fatty acid content of the extracted oils was observed to increase with leaching temperature while the iodine value reduced with it. This phenomenon was more pronounced with kernel oil.