Kriging Metamodeling in Rotordynamics: Application for Predicting Critical Speeds and Vibrations of a Flexible Rotor

J.-J. Sinou, L. Nechak, S. Besset
2018 Complexity  
Rotating machinery produces vibrations depending upon the design of the rotor systems as well as any faults or uncertainties in the machine that can increase the vibrations of such systems. This study illustrates the effectiveness of using surrogate modeling based on kriging in order to predict the vibrational behavior (i.e., the critical speeds and the vibration amplitudes) of a complex flexible rotor in the presence of uncertainties. The basic idea of kriging is to predict unknown values of a
more » ... unknown values of a function by using a small size set of known data. The kriging estimation is based on a weighted average of the known values of the function in the neighborhood of the point for which the value of the function has to be calculated. The crucial dependence of a kriging predictor versus the correlation functions and different orders will be illustrated. This paper also shows that reducing the number of samples required to have predictive models can be achieved by performing an initial understanding of the mechanical system of interest and by considering certain characteristics directly deriving from the physics of the problem studied.
doi:10.1155/2018/1264619 fatcat:okhhtuci6zgkfajmqwebk333ga