Nitrogen Hot Trap Design and Manufactures for Lithium Test Loop in IFMIF/EVEDA Project

Eiichi WAKAI, Kazuyoshi WATANABE, Yuzuru ITO, Akihiro SUZUKI, Takayuki TERAI, Juro YAGI, Hiroo KONDO, Takuji KANEMURA, Tomohiro FURUKAWA, Yasushi HIRAKAWA, Friedrich GROESCHEL, Hiroshi TANAKA (+3 others)
2016 Plasma and Fusion Research  
The lithium target facility of IFMIF (International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility) consists of target assembly, lithium main loop, lithium purification loops, the diagnostic systems, and remote handling system. Major impurities in the lithium loop are proton, deuterium, tritium, 7-Be, activated corrosion products and the other species (C, N, O). It is very important to remove nitrogen content in lithium loop during operation, in order to avoid the corrosion/erosion of the nozzle of
more » ... the nozzle of lithium target for the stable lithium flow on the target assembly. Nitrogen in the lithium can be removed by N hot trap using Fe-5%Ti alloy at temperatures from 400 to 600 • C. In this study, the specification and the detailed design were evaluated, and the component of N hot trap system was fabricated.
doi:10.1585/pfr.11.2405112 fatcat:cfvagm7mtjc6zhipwj3fbi4qki