Linking Pharmacogenomic Information on Drug Safety and Efficacy with Ethnic Minority Populations

Dan Li, April Hui Xie, Zhichao Liu, Dongying Li, Baitang Ning, Shraddha Thakkar, Weida Tong, Joshua Xu
2020 Pharmaceutics  
Numerous prescription drugs' labeling contains pharmacogenomic (PGx) information to aid health providers and patients in the safe and effective use of drugs. However, clinical studies for such PGx biomarkers and related drug doses are generally not conducted in diverse ethnic populations. Thus, it is urgently important to incorporate PGx information with genetic characteristics of racial and ethnic minority populations and utilize it to promote minority health. In this project a bioinformatics
more » ... t a bioinformatics approach was developed to enhance the collection of PGx information related to ethnic minorities to pave the way toward understanding the population-wide utility of PGx information. To address this challenge, we first gathered PGx information from drug labels. Second, we extracted data on the allele frequency information of genetic variants in ethnic minority groups from public resources. Then, we collected published research articles on PGx biomarkers and related drugs for reference. Finally, the data were integrated and formatted to build a new PGx database containing information on known drugs and biomarkers for ethnic minority groups. This database provides scientific information needed to evaluate available PGx information to enhance drug dose selection and drug safety for ethnic minority populations.
doi:10.3390/pharmaceutics12111021 pmid:33113799 fatcat:dlp2vd3xs5e3pk4vl2ejg73c7q