Encapsulation of Na4MnV(PO4)3 in robust dual-carbon framework rendering high-energy, durable sodium storage

Congcong Cai, Ping Hu, Ting Zhu, Chengmeng Chen, Guangwu Hu, Zhenhui Liu, Yu Tian, Qiang Chen, Liang Zhou, Liqiang Mai
2020 Journal of Physics: Energy  
Na4MnV(PO4)3 (NMVP) is a green, cheap, and high-energy cathode material for sodium-ion batteries. However, the low electrical conductivity severely limits its sodium storage performance. Herein, we report the spray-drying synthesis of robust and highly conductive reduced graphene oxide/amorphous carbon framework encapsulated NMVP (NMVP@rGO/AC) composite microspheres. The unique dual carbon encapsulation architecture enables the NMVP@rGO/AC a high specific capacity (100 mAh g -1 at 100 mA g -1 )
more » ... -1 at 100 mA g -1 ) with durable cyclability (capacity retention of 77.5 % for 500 cycles). In-situ XRD measurements reveal the reversible extraction/insertion of Na + via unique solid-solution and two-phase reactions during desodiation/sodiation. This work provides a versatile platform for the construction of rGO/AC dual-carbon encapsulated active materials for electrochemical energy storage.
doi:10.1088/2515-7655/ab71ed fatcat:mythpcw7nbdz7cs65pcmeguom4