Analysis of the Cold Flow in a Can Drink Vending Machine
A141 缶飲料自動販売機内の冷気流れの解析

2004 Transactions of Visualization Society of Japan  
A vending machine is indispensable when we live comfortably. A former vending machine is used in this experiment. The air flow of the lower part in a vending machine was fundamentally visualized and analyzed by PIV. Especially upper side air flow of a shooter affects to cooling fluid in a can. The temperature of water in a can was measured and the cooling performance was compared. Consequently, the flow induced to the fan and the reduction of the flow velocity by the collision of the air flow
more » ... a shooter became problems. The shooter for preventing that the flow induced to the fan as improvement was processed (it is the blockade of one half of holes from the upper part). Attachment to a duct was tried in order to keep the wind velocity from a fan. By these improvement, the cold air current in a vending machine became energy saving.
doi:10.3154/jvs.24.supplement2_41 fatcat:hzjev2lqtjedpeacqivrhrrshq