In-situ Stress Inversion of Deep Mining Area by Nonlinear Chaotic Method

Wei Wang, Zhou-Quan Luo, Ya-Guang Qin, Jun Xiang
In-situ stress data is essential to mining safety, so a small-scale in-situ stress measurement was completed in Fankou mine (largest lead-zinc mine in China). Due to the high cost of in-situ measurement, in-situ stress inversion by nonlinear method was studied. Firstly, massive measured in-situ stress data was collected for fitting analysis, which revealed varying law between in-situ stress components and depth. Then, boundary condition for numerical inversion was determined. Numerical
more » ... model containing various geological information was built by Surpac-FLAC 3D modeling technique. With these works, approximation function of inversed stress and measured stress was built, while the function was solved by chaotic iteration method. From this, numerical simulation for in-situ stress inversion of deep mining area was conducted. The fitting accuracy between inversed stress and measured stress exceeds 90%. It proves that nonlinear chaotic method is useful for in-situ stress inversion, which is critical for mining safety.