The Hijrah Trend Among Indonesian Celebrities in the Perspective of Psychology of Religion

M. Nafi, Arif Zamhari, Alvin Sahab, Murodi Murodi, Suparto Suparto, Rena Latifa
2021 Proceedings of the 3rd International Colloquium on Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies, ICIIS 2020, 20-21 October 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia   unpublished
Recently, the phenomenon of the hijrah movement has emerged in various urban circles, especially Indonesian celebrities, who have been in the spotlight in the media. The trend of hijrah among Indonesian M uslims can be analyzed through several approaches, including one of which is the psychological approach to religion. Through this approach, the question arises, how does the psychology of religion see human relationships and religious behavior? Then what are the motives and orientations of the
more » ... orientations of the celebrity's hijrah given the psychological theories of religion? The current trend of hijrah is a phenomenon of the transformation of the meaning of hijrah itself. At first, the hijrah was a history of the movement of the Prophet and his companions from M ecca to M edina due to discrimination and oppression by the Quraish. This history is then interpreted as religious attitudes and behaviors whose principles are self-change to be more positive and better than before. In this article, the psychology of religion serves to describe matters relating to the behavior of religious followers. In this context, the psychology of religion sees the hijrah as a religious expression that tends to fall into the experiential dimension of a person who experiences a spectacular moment that touches his heart due to the presence of an extraordinary figure, namely the one called God. Also, the psychology of religion considers that hijrah is part of the type of religious conversion which is dominant in social and intellectual conversion. In this type, many Indonesian celebrities have changed communities and their understanding of the teachings of Islam. Such religious conversion has an impact on the attitudes and behavior of celebrities after walking on the path of hijrah. In an equally important part, according to the psychological analysis of religion, hijrah has a certain motive and orientation. The celebrities emigrated for several motives, but in theory the orientation of extrinsic, they do it because of the possibility to exist on the world stage entertainment with character and appearance of a more Islamic. That way, they can still compete to fill entertainment or market advertising products. However, in intrinsic theory, the celebrities choose the hijrah way because they want to have a new atmosphere in life, especially the inner calm that has been difficult to obtain while living a life which for them is far from Islamic teachings.
doi:10.4108/eai.20-10-2020.2305176 fatcat:7fhm5udi7nb7lf6hvzzn2uzeya