Beyond Mg 2+ : functional interactions between RNA and transition metals

Adam M Saunders, Victoria J DeRose
2016 Current Opinion in Chemical Biology  
It is well-known that RNA structure and function depend heavily on cations, and the ability of Mg 2+ to stabilize RNA structures has been emphasized. Recent studies, however, highlight the importance of transition metals in RNA function. Riboswitches that selectively bind Ni 2+ , Co 2+ , and Mn 2+ have been discovered with specific RNA-metal sites that influence metal-related gene expression. Exogenous metals such as Pt(II) from therapeutics also bind and may inhibit cellular RNA. Novel reports
more » ... that RNA can host Fe(II) in catalytic sites are relevant to early life in pre-oxygenic atmospheres. These new observations emphasize the importance of transition metals in the field of RNA metallobiochemistry.
doi:10.1016/j.cbpa.2016.02.015 pmid:27031926 fatcat:im2z53iatjb7dehzym6carz56i