Novelties and records of poroid Basidiomycetes in Finland and adjacent Russia

Tuomo Niemelä, Reijo Penttilä, Juha Kinnunen, Otto Miettinen, Mariko Lindgren, Olli Manninen, Olli Turunen
2001 Karstenia  
Leningrad Region, Russia; this is the second find of the species after its description from Siberia. Junghuhnia fimbriate/la (Peck) RyYarden was found in Leningrad Region; this is the first record in northern Europe. Skeletocutis borealis Niemela and many other rare species are discussed, including new localities from Finland and/or NW Russia. Some of them are illustrated, and many species are supplied w ith detailed spore measurements. 143 polypore species were recorded and collected by the
more » ... collected by the authors and their co-workers in virgin forests of Russian Karelia in wide sense; 12 of them are new to the area.
doi:10.29203/ka.2001.373 fatcat:wq2ft6bktfhurhs36svbilhxfy