The study of coastal meromictic water basins in the Kandalaksha Gulf of the White Sea by spectral and physicochemical methods

Anastasia V. Kharcheva, Andrey V. Meschankin, Igor I. Lyalin, Elena D. Krasnova, Dmitry A. Voronov, Svetlana V. Patsaeva, Elina A. Genina, Vladimir L. Derbov, Igor Meglinski, Valery V. Tuchin
2014 Saratov Fall Meeting 2013: Optical Technologies in Biophysics and Medicine XV; and Laser Physics and Photonics XV  
Research is initiated to study water samples from stratified water basins in the Kandalaksha Gulf of the White Sea at different stages of their separation from the sea. The objects of research are lakes Elovoe and Nizhnee Ershovskoe located close to the Nikolai Pertsov White Sea Biological Station. Depth profiles of physico-chemical characteristics such as temperature, salinity, pH and dissolved oxygen were measured. Brightly colored green water layers were found in both lakes. Concentrations
more » ... s. Concentrations of photosynthetic organisms were estimated using absorption and fluorescence spectra of water samples from various depths.
doi:10.1117/12.2051737 fatcat:23x5fy7mzbha7fq2nbuwf3shfy