On the Performance of a Flow Aggregation Scheme for Seamless QoS and Utility Oriented Mobility Support in Wireless Mesh Networks

Salvatore Vanini, Dario Gallucci, Silvia Giordano, Maciej Urbanski, Przemyslaw Walkowiak
International Journal on Advances in Networks and Services   unpublished
Wireless Mesh Networks are a viable solution for extending the coverage of networks without the need to expand their static infrastructure. This is achieved by employing wireless nodes that can share their network resources. Unfortunately, building wireless mesh networks is still far away from reality due to the lack of mechanisms to meet the Quality of Service (QoS) expectations of mobile users running heterogeneous applications. To address this issue, in this paper we describe a modification
more » ... ibe a modification of the WiOptiMo framework, which is a solution originally designed for seamless handover management in the Internet. Specifically, QoS support is provided by aggregating application traffic flows with the same characteristics to limit overhead and by relaying compressed aggregated flows to the appropriate mobility provider. Evaluation on a real wireless mesh network testbed showed that this scheme is noteworthy in terms of link utilization, improved QoS and performance against Mobile IPv6, which is the standard for enabling mobility in IP networks. To show its adaptability, we present a scenario where WiOptiMo can be employed to support network mobility when the range of a network is extended by exploiting neighboring nodes. Beside the evidence of performance gain against Mobile IPv6, the other contribution of this paper is the proposal of an incentive mechanism to motivate users of a wireless mesh network to share their network resources with other nodes, which rewards them based on the amount of bytes saved thanks to the use of the WiOptiMo flow aggregation scheme.