Annex 3: Abstracts of the Theses Submitted at the Department

The Editor
2008 Himalayan Journal of Sociology and Anthropology  
This study centrally focused on the Seti River in Pokhara with the general objective of studying the effects of its pollution on people's life ways, culture and ecology of Pokhara. Its specific objectives were to prepare a resource profile of Seti River, to study the causes of its pollution, the interrelationship between it and people and the effects of its pollution on this relationship and its cultural, symbolic and religious importance and change occurred in it with increase in pollution. A
more » ... ampling frame with 388 houses built at the both edges of the river was formed at first and 97 of them were sampled by Systematic Random Sampling. Observation, schedule and key -important interview were used to collect data. As a natural resource, the Seti has been very useful to the people in a number of ways. Though it is useful in many ways, people are misusing and polluting it in a number of ways. Their haphazard activities have been the main causes of its pollution due to which its use value is also decreasing. With the increase in its pollution, people's belief towards its sacredness is also changing. The number of devotees visiting it for religious purposes is decreasing. In the view of some people the Seti is no more sacred as in the past due to pollution. Local people are found to be aware of the problems of the pollution of Seti River but they have failed to translate their awareness into practice. Thus it has been concluded that creating awareness about pollution holds no significance if it cannot be reflected into practice. If people make a habit of building a sedimentation tank for household waster water, if the garbage collecting mechanism of PSM becomes more equipped and effective, and if catchments traps are made at different places in the drains that flow towards it before they join it; this pollution may be minimized.
doi:10.3126/hjsa.v3i0.1505 fatcat:re26k3eqbfgvlav3emyxlewdpu