Traditional Sport: Student's Perception on the Importance to Continue It

Topo Yono
2020 Proceedings of the 1st Unimed International Conference on Sport Science (UnICoSS 2019)   unpublished
A sport is coming from certain community and it is saved to continue by the community for their health awareness and education. Jember as small part of East Java has social community who was familiar with traditional sport and still conserve the existence of the sport. University Students of Sport Education Program should be them who know and respond to traditional sport in Jember. Their knowledge, awareness and perception of traditional sport, such as egrang, gobak sodor, benteng, kasti, ular
more » ... nteng, kasti, ular elang, Tarik tambang, petak umpet, gasing, bakiak, are being the focus of this article to analyze. Questionnaire is used to collecting the data of students' knowledge, awareness and perception on the importance to continue traditional sports. The data is analyzed with percentage and descriptive statistics. The analysis result is to show how the university students of Sport Education Program take a part through their knowledge, awareness, and perception on the existence of traditional sport and the importance to continue the existence for creating healthy life in Jember society.
doi:10.2991/ahsr.k.200305.024 fatcat:nivaqygtuffvronzmo3psbmpjq