Kohn–Sham density functional inspired approach to nuclear binding

M. Baldo, P. Schuck, X. Viñas
2008 Physics Letters B  
A non-relativisitic nuclear density functional theory is constructed, not as usual, from an effective density dependent nucleon-nucleon force but directly introducing in the functional results from microscopic nuclear and neutron matter Bruckner G-matrix calculations at various densities. A purely phenomenological finite range part to account for surface properties is added. The striking result is that only four to five adjustable parameters, spin-orbit included, suffice to reproduce nuclear
more » ... eproduce nuclear binding energies and radii with the same quality as obtained with the most performant effective forces, containing on the order of ten parameters. In this pilot work, for the pairing correlations, simply a density dependent zero range force is adopted from the literature. Possible future extensions of this approach are pointed out.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2008.04.013 fatcat:dcqeape7erg6po6wyt2oplib4m