Abortion under the principles of law and Greek Orthodox Church [article]

Μαρίνα Δ. Ξυνού, University Of Thessaly, Νικόλαος Κόϊος
Abortion is a serious ethical issue and has provoked numerous discussions over the years. Discussions about abortion usually focus on the following question: should abortion be treated as the murder of a person or should it remain a legal option to all women? In this paper present the legal framework of abortion, and the views of the church, which we can note that are conflicting. The aim of this paper is to examine the legal and religious aspects of abortion. Through literature review, we
more » ... vered that abortion was widely accepted in ancient history, specifically in Ancient Greece where the infant depended on the interests of the state and the father in ancient Rome (although Hippocrates' oath was against abortion). However, Christianity first banned abortions, claiming the importance of the fetus's life. From the moment of conception, the fetus is not considered merely as a fertilized egg but as a perfect human being. Saint Maximus the Confessor emphasizes that the body and the soul are intertwined during the conception. We have also seen that arguments for or against abortion can provoke strong reactions. The paper closes with a general thought on these basic ethical dilemmas and follows my conclusion on the ethical aspects of the issue of abortion. The research was based on the literature review and sources from the internet.
doi:10.26253/heal.uth.11572 fatcat:7lvybvfdmjam5ju57yomp7q2km