Re:possessed: Transforming Shadow Kin into Godlings

Hannamari Jalovaara
The goal of this process-based inquiry is to be responsive to the art making process and to what transpires when the work transforms in the different stages and different media. For this purpose, I use cut-out collage figures that are transformed from analogue to digital media, from inanimate to animate work, and from small scale to large and back to small. In addition to the physical transformation, I investigate what this transformation means to the work both conceptually and as content.
more » ... gh the cycle of disassembly and reconstitution, initial considerations about what constitutes hybridity, multiplicity or non-variability in the material practices of contemporary print media expand into thematic concerns of hybridity, alterity and repetition. These concepts are approached through a variety of texts on pluralism, polysemy, dynamism, hybridization and awkwardness. Starting as hand-pulled prints, the paper collage figures transform into scans, digital prints, stop-motion work and finally video projections. Within this series of metamorphoses, each experimental iteration of the process investigates what qualities, characteristics and possibilities are relinquished by the altered relationship between the work in different stages, and what are repossessed in the final work.
doi:10.35010/ecuad:13451 fatcat:3l6nckmcpre6pd2dcgjkivkjt4