Development of a Catalyst for Flue Gas Purification from Carbon Monoxide of Multi-Chamber Furnaces for Baking Electrode Blanks

Olena Ivanenko, Andrii Trypolskyi, Nikolai Gomelya, Anton Karvatskii, Andrii Vahin, Olga Didenko, Viktoria Konovalova, Peter Strizhak
2021 Journal of Ecological Engineering  
The catalysts based on natural zeolite-clinoptilolite of Sokyrnytsia deposit modified with oxides of Mn 4+ , Fe 2+ , Fe 3+ , Cu 2+ , Cr 3+ were synthesized. It was determined that 100% conversion of carbon monoxide was achieved at a temperature of 390ºC when using the copper-manganese-oxide catalyst (30% CuO + 70% MnO 2 ). It was shown that although the use of the manganese-oxide catalyst provided 92.8% of CO conversion degree, this catalyst had the most advantages for application compared to
more » ... e other studied solids. The structural parameters of the manganese-oxide catalyst were determined using XRD, SEM, and nitrogen adsorption. The composition of the main elements of the catalyst samples was determined by micro-X-ray spectral analysis. It was shown that using the catalyst containers in chambers heated by flue gases in the fire channels of a multi-chamber furnace for baking of electrode blanks can be one of the constructive solutions to the problem of flue gas purification from carbon monoxide. The environmental safety of the copper-manganese-oxide catalyst application for the treatment of the flue gases of electrode production is justified by obtaining a catalyst from spent sorbents for purification of the manganese-containing natural water and its non-toxicity in the case of burial or storage in landfills.
doi:10.12911/22998993/128857 fatcat:jtdc463xpbczrjndskeufxr6pq