Researches Regarding the Biostimulators Effect upon the Germination Capacities Seeds of Red Clover

Ioan Pet, Neculai Dragomir, Elena Pet, Carmen Dragomir, Nicusor Flavius Sima, Mihai Lunca
2010 Scientific Papers: Animal Science and Biotechnologies   unpublished
The carrying out of uniform forage crops represents an important technological loop for all agricultural species. The uniformity of these crops is caused especially by seed germination capacity, respectively by plant emergence capacity, depending upon the climatic and technological conditions. With regards to the researches carried out in this direction, we present here the influence exerted by some biostimulators, used through extra-root application during plant vegetation period, upon seeds
more » ... eriod, upon seeds submitted to germination. Concerning the red clover seeds, we may notice an increase of the germination energy from 88.33% in the untreated control variant to 95.67% in the variants submitted to treatments with biostimulant substances.