Ömer Beyhan
Grit is explaining in Dictionary of the Turkish language Association as determination and desire to have identified the level of long-term goals. Duckworth, Peterson, Matthews, and Kelly (2007) are definiting it as, perseverance and passion for Long-Term Goals. In addition to stating that grit is an important factor in measuring the intelligence and the success. At the same time they have stressed that the grit is much more important predictors of success. Even Duckworth and Quinn (2009) argued
more » ... that grit is more effective than intelligence scores for explainig the success. There are some studies that they are advocating grit is closely associated with self-discipline, self-regulation and goal orientation, and grit is the main factor for exlaining that concpts(Duckworth & Quinn, 2009; Peterson & Seligman, 2004). In this study, university student success and their grit's are analysed. Therefore, determining the relationship between success and grit is used for descriptive screening model. This study was conducted with 451 students in Education Faculty at Necmettin Erbakan Social Sciences and Education Research Review (3) 2 / 2016 14 University in 2015-2016 academic year spring semester. In order to data collecting "Grit-S scale", developed by Duckworth and Quinn (2009) and adapted to Turkish by Sarıcam and others (2015), was used. Datum were analysed by SPSS 16 soft ware and frequency, mean, standard deviation and regresion test were used as statistical techniques. The achievement scores of students have found a significant correlation between the grit scores.