Onsager symmetry relations and ideal gas effusion: A detailed example

S. N. Patitsas
2014 American Journal of Physics  
Onsager coefficients are calculated for the approach of a gas to equilibrium by effusion between two chambers. Using kinetic gas theory, the Onsager symmetry relation is explicitly verified. The approach to equilibrium is determined by two time scales that are explicitly calculated; this is followed by example calculations for dynamics of the system approaching equilibrium in several ways. Also, calculations for the cross-correlation functions for this system are presented, which are used to
more » ... hich are used to calculate various noise spectral functions. This study provides students of statistical mechanics and thermodynamics with a good example to aid in understanding some of the general concepts encountered in studies of non-equilibrium systems.
doi:10.1119/1.4827829 fatcat:ow33lzznkrat7dp4nwd6g33vkm