Issues of accessibility in the north: An analysis of transportation and the highway of tears [thesis]

Cassidy Shuvera
The Highway of Tears is a term that is known across northern British Columbia. Since 1969, women and girls have gone missing and been found murdered along the 724 km stretch of Highway 16 between Prince Rupert and Prince George, British Columba. Many of these women were trying to get from one destination to another when their safety was compromised. These individuals were from communities with few transportation options available and where hitchhiking is a common form of transportation. Using
more » ... sportation. Using an interdisciplinary perspective including northern studies, political science, and women's studies I will analyze the issues of transportation in the north in connection to the Highway of Tears case. In particular I will examine how the Highway 16 Transportation Action Plan developed in order to determine what happened and why it took ten years for a policy response to emerge that addressed safety concerns and transportation gaps in the north.
doi:10.24124/2020/59132 fatcat:llqyaveblbakxoilhoiovvqtny