Dra Widajati, M Pd, Dan Sadi, Dosen Dan, Mahasiswa Pendidikan, Luar Biasa, Kata Kunci, Pembelajaran Matematika, Anak Berkesulitan, Belajar
Children with learning disabilities who are subjected to this study have problems in understanding the concept of integer multiplication. To overcome the problem, it needs an appropriate learning strategy that also accommodate students with disabilities in inclusion class.One is doing study with computer as a media. The problem in this research is to overcome the lack of mathematics achievement through study on Computerkid Learning Center to improve the understanding of the concept of
more » ... tion in fourth grade children with learning disability in SDN Gedangan Sidoarjo. The approach in this study is action research, the steps: a) making action preparations, b) doing the action, c) observation, d) evaluating and reflecting. To obtain improved 65% learning outcomes in math it requires 3 cycles. The first cycle shows 67% of the success in learning outcomes. In the second cycle, students was trying to adjust and comprehend with friends in the group. Improvement of learning outcomes in this second cycle is 76%. To increase the expected results, then it's continued in the third cycle by providing guidance on optimizing each group, emphasized in the importance of working together and providing opportunities for students to develop their social skills. In the third cycle students seem familiar with the group, thus increase the learning outcomes to 65%. Research location was conducted in the fourth grade students at SDN inclusion Gedangan Sidoarjo with research subjects as much as 5 children with learning disability. Based on the research results, it can be said that the learning strategy on Computerkid Learning Center type TGT can be used as a strategy for children with learning disability to study mathematics.