Excitation of VLF and ELF radio waves by a horizontal magnetic dipole

Janis Galejs
1961 Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards Section D Radio Propagation  
The VLF a nd ELF modes excited by a hori zon tal magnetic dipole (ve r tical loop) i ll the spherical s hell betwee n a finitely co nducting eart h and a n isotropic sharply bounded ionosph ere ar e shown t o h a ve a nearly transverse magnetic character. Th e modes are simila r to t hose of a vertical electric dipole. Wi t h t he exception of t he zero order mode, t he propagating modes excited by t he m agnetic dipole a re of slightly hig her a mpli t ud es, provid ed t hat t he fa r fields
more » ... t he fa r fields of th e hori zon tal magnetic a nd vertical electric dipoles a re equa l over flat earth in t he a bsence of ionosp he re. The tra nsie nt fi elds generated b y a current step in t he magnetic dipole ar e in t he fir st approximation simila r to t he fi elds generated by a current impul se in a ver tical electric dipo le. R espon se of t he zero ord er mode of t he m agnetic dipole has bee n calculated.
doi:10.6028/jres.065d.039 fatcat:mqhy6777lnbojlh3bosoqtcv5a