Induction and regulation of immunoglobulin expression in a murine pre-B cell line, 70Z/3. I. Cell cycle-associated induction of sIgM expression and kappa-chain synthesis in 70Z/3 cells by LPS stimulation

N Sakaguchi, T Kishimoto, H Kikutani, T Watanabe, N Yoshida, A Shimizu, Y Yamawaki-Kataoka, T Honjo, Y Yamamura
1980 Journal of Immunology  
Stimulation of a murine pre-B cell line, 70Z/3, with LPS induced sIgM expression and an increase of L kappa-chain mRNA within 12 hr. In synchronized 70Z/3 cells, the cell division cycle was 10 to 11 hr and LSP-stimulation did not affect the cell division cycle. LPS-signals given at G1/S boundary induced sIgM expression in the G2 to M-phase. On the other hand, LPS-signals given after M-phase did not induce sIgM expression. Inhibition of cell division with demecorcin did not affect sIgM
more » ... in the M-phase. Induction of intracellular kappa-chain synthesis was also observed in the G2 to M-phase when the LPS-stimulation was provided at G1/S boundary, but LPS-signals given after the M-phase did not induce de novo synthesis of kappa-chain. These results showed that LPS-induced sIgM expression and synthesis of kappa-chain were cell cycle-related events and sIgM expression was associated wih de novo synthesis of kappa-chain.
doi:10.4049/jimmunol.125.6.2654 fatcat:jzkavu44brfz3parrnizxwdqnm