Transformation of Al-Ghazzali's Thinking from Rational to Suphistic Trends

Ahmad Zayyadi, Sofwan Sofwan, Abdul Basit
2022 Indonesian Journal of Social Science Research  
Talking about the transformation of Al-Ghazali's thought from rational to Sufistic tendencies is not as easy as al-Ghazali's changing the character of thought, but it requires a very long process. One of the indicators is that in 488 H. (1095 AD) al-Ghazali was in doubt, skeptical of the sciences he was studying. This skeptical state made al-Ghazali undergo quite drastic changes. Not a physical change, but/transformation of his thoughts, which at first tended to be rational and philosophical,
more » ... the end he chose the Sufi tendency as the character of his thinking. This article is of a library research nature and uses a historical approach to al-Ghazali's rational-sufistic epistemology with the theory of transformation in al-Ghazali's intellectual history from rational to sufistic in nature with a cross-disciplinary model, namely by combining rational and sufictic into one unified whole. , so that the hope is to emerge "neo Ghazzalian" in the sense of understanding al-Ghazzali's thought as a whole and not partially, so that the results of this paper actually reconstruct al-Gahzzali's thought as a whole by providing fresh knowledge for the development of classical Islamic thought and contemporary.
doi:10.11594/ijssr.03.02.03 fatcat:5vo37nrl65h25l2ptxqeiopmz4