Chapter 13 Heritage of European Christianity [chapter]

Europe and the Gospel: Past Influences, Current Developments, Mission Challenges  
Christianity has shaped the cultural landscape of Europe. Idioms of speech, proverbs, topographical names and family names, architecture, music, literature and other art forms, educational institutions, health care and social aid structures, even infrastructure, all these bear the marks of prolonged Christian influence. Holidays and popular festivals have biblical roots, and many social customs are based on the teachings of the church throughout the ages. Even the preponderance of human rights
more » ... ce of human rights in the political realm is inexplicable without acknowledging their roots in Christian ethics. Despite its decline, Christianity is still the major religion in all European countries, except one or two in the Balkans. Making an inventory of this heritage would need more books that any person is able to write. By way of summary we shall list a few elements that stand out.
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