Rethinking of Non-traditional Water Resources in Residential Developments of Rural Towns, Western Australia

Yan ZHANG, Donghui CHEN, Liang CHEN, Andrew GRANT, Ashok SHARMA
2009 Journal of Water and Environment Technology  
Rainwater collected from residential roofs and greywater generated from domestic uses except toilets are viewed as possible substitutes for high grade water sources which supply non-potable indoor uses and irrigation in Australia. This paper searches for alternatives by adopting roofwater and greywater in residential envelope as per Australian water standards. This study provides the results of greywater recycling, which contributes to the greater saving of mains water supply than rainwater
more » ... than rainwater use, and which reduces more than half of the wastewater to receiving waters in the rural township of Cranbrook, Western Australia. Similarly, capturing rainwater can mitigate approximately 48% stormwater drainage in this study area. This research endeavours to offer a typical paradigm for an integrated water system in the rural residential sectors.
doi:10.2965/jwet.2009.57 fatcat:uh3ytp77pbg4hii2o5qk3r2v7a